Breast modelling

Passage of time, pregnancy, breastfeeding, rapid weight changes and the gravitation force all affect the shape of female breasts. When the skin loses its flexibility, the breasts often deform, sag, and lose their young shape and suppleness. If you're seriously thinking of improving your looks in this department, because you haven't been happy with the way your breasts look, check out what we can do for you here at Medicover Hospital, as the services we offer also include such procedures as breast modelling.

Breast modelling here at the Medicover Hospital is a surgical operation that is done under general anaesthesia:

  • to correct the sagginess of the breasts and model their shape to achieve a rejuvenated and fresh look,
  • to correct the location and size of the nipples,
  • to remove excess skin,
  • to shape the breast gland,
  • to enlarge the breasts and remove excess skin (lift combined with enlargement).

Mildly saggy breasts can be corrected using a high-profiled implant of an appropriate base width (determined by the chest width). Breast implant come in two shapes: round and teardrop (anatomical). The breasts assume their final shape about 3 after the procedure. The effect is maintained for anything between a few years and over ten years, depending on the patient's age, skin flexibility and weight changes. Women who have undergone breast surgery are advised to apply special creams on the postoperative scars for several months post-op.