Breast augmentation

You've been unhappy with the way you look for a long time. Almost every woman has to face it one day: sagging shoulders, large stomach, wide jaw or the skin of the thighs resembling an orange peel is only the beginning of the long list of things women most commonly complain about. Fortunately, many of these problems can be helped by modern nutrition science, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Breast augmentation surgery is on top of this list and an increasing number of Polish women decide to undergo this procedure.

According to statistics, most women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are between 20 and 40 years of age. The procedure takes about an hour and a half to complete and is done under general anaesthesia. It involves the placement of silicone implants under each breast:

  • to increase the breast size in women who believe their breasts are too small,
  • to correct the breasts in women who have been pregnant (in which case the procedure involves replenishing the glandular tissue in saggy breasts),
  • to balance the size of both breasts in cases of asymmetry.

The implants may be placed under the breast gland, under the pectoralis muscle or under both of these structures (in which case the procedure is called dual plane surgery). The site of implant placement is decided based on the anatomy of the chest, thickness of the tissues, degree of breast sagginess, and the general anatomy. The line of incision usually runs underneath the breast or at the boundary of the nipple. Incision underneath the breast leaves the breast gland intact and is preferred in young patients who might decide to breastfeed in the future.