Most disease of veins and arteries cause sudden or slow narrowing of the lumen, which in turn leads to their closure. This brings about disorders of the blood supply to a particular organ. The procedures performed by vascular surgeons in the Medicover Hospital are often the way to save the organ or even the patient’s life. They consist mainly in restoring vascular patency, widening the lumen, removing the pathology (e.g. aneurysm) and, if necessary, performing blood vessel transplantation or vascular prosthesis implantation. 

The most common procedures of vascular surgery performer in the Medicover Hospital within the scope include:

  • lower limb arterial surgery
  • surgery for carotid artery stenosis
  • venous Thrombosis Treatment
  • surgical treatment of varicose veins
  • arteriography 

Vascular surgery procedures are performed mostly using minimally invasive techniques, which shortens the length of hospital stay to just one day and helps speed patient recovery and return to everyday activities.