Aesthetic medicine

We all have minor imperfections that we would gladly get rid of. While we can deal with many of them on our own, there are also those that we need help with. Protruding ears, excessive sweating, wrinkles or varicose veins can be a cause of concern for many of us. This is where aesthetic medicine can help.

If there is something you wish to change in your appearance, the aesthetic medicine specialists at Medicover Hospital can help. See what makes us special:

  • we use only certified medical products from the best manufacturers
  • we have outstanding aesthetic medicine doctors
  • we are amongst the most modern medical facilities in Poland
  • we promote the natural look, which means improving appearance in a subtle way, so that the body and face look refreshed and young, rather than operated on
  • 96% of our patients are satisfied with our hospital services (based on the satisfaction survey for the first quarter of 2012)

Aesthetic medicine at Medicover Hospital offers a full spectrum of treatments:

  • Botox and hyaluronic acid injections
  • laser closing of blood vessels
  • mesotherapy
  • liposuction and abdominal surgery
  • treatment of urinary incontinence
  • treatment of varicose veins
  • hyperhidrosis treatment
  • breast augmentation and modelling
  • correction of the nose, ears and eyelids
  • face lift
  • lip augmentation
  • laser therapy
  • chemical peels
  • aesthetic gynaecology

Regardless of the treatment chosen, we will provide you with professional service and ensure complete safety.