Your child has been snoring louder and more often for some time? Or perhaps he is breathing constantly through his open mouth? One of the reasons may be hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil (adenoid), which is located in the nasal part of the throat.

In addition to the these conditions, children struggling with too large adenoid:

  •  are more likely to have otitis media,
  •  suffer from nagging headaches,
  •  have problems speaking distinctly,
  •  they can hear worse.

The solution to the problems with pharyngeal tonsils may be the adenotomy with ventilatory drainage offered by the Medicover Hospital. Specialists from our Consultation Centre will provide full care of the needs of a little patient and will carry out a series of tests (including endoscopic assessment of adenoid size), which allow to qualify him for the mentioned procedure.

Adenotomy is a procedure during which a pathological tonsil is removed. It is carried out under general anaesthesia – and the Medicover Hospital allows parents to stay with toddler while administering anaesthesia and waking up. Sometimes, during the procedure, the tympanic membrane is also scored (in order to evacuate secretions left there) and the drains are placed in the tympanic cavity of the middle ear. The adenotomy conducted under the supervision of specialists of the Medicover Hospital will contribute to the reduction of susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections and restoration of nasal patency, which will reduce the risk of sleep apnoea and recurrent otitis media.