4Kscore-Test is a test that allows estimating the risk of occurrence and development of aggressive prostate cancer, even up to 20 years in advance. The 4Kscore-Test is a specially developed diagnostic algorithm for prostate cancer screening, which takes into account the levels of as many as four types of kallikrein in plasma. According to many experts, the 4Kscore test performed by drawing blood allows men to detect prostate cancer at a very early stage of development, and is a real breakthrough in the early detection of prostate cancer.

Who should undergo the 4Kscore-Molecular Test?

The test is recommended for men who:

  • have a preliminary diagnosis and are considering undergoing primary or secondary biopsy
  • have a genetic predisposition (if the father, uncles or grandfather suffered from prostate cancer)
  • want to detect the disease in its early stages, when a cure is entirely possible

The test is performed using a blood sample. The sample is taken during a urological consultation. The result is available in about 4 weeks. 
The test costs PLN 1,900 + PLN 190 for urology visit.