Medicover Hospital

Medicover Hospital is the first privately-owned facility in Poland to offer comprehensive healthcare services to patients. The hospital is ISO 9001:2008 certified and accredited by the Minister of Health. If offers comprehensive lab tests and imaging studies, consultations by world-class specialists, and treatment on a par with the highest international standards in medicine. The hospital has been awarded various prizes of merit, the most recent being the Best International Hospital 2015 award. Our patients stay in comfortable rooms that help speedy recovery. No wonder that as many as 98% of our patients are satisfied with the services they receive here at Medicover. 

With its modern equipment and furnishings, the hospital houses 7 specialist inpatient departments and 2 diagnostic centres. Our experienced medical team have at their disposal the latest-generation equipment and are perfectly prepared for providing professional medical care, even in the most complex cases, such as major surgical procedures. Medicover Hospital is open 24/7, weekends and bank holidays included. 

If these are the standards you're looking for, perhaps it's high time for you to consider private healthcare for you and your family. Feel free to take a closer look at Medicover’s offer.