The Medicover Foundation

The mission of the Foundation

The Medicover Foundation has been established by the Medicover Group with a sense of responsibility to fulfil a social mission. The main statutory tasks of the Foundation are as follows: raising awareness about healthy and safe lifestyle, promoting prevention and correct diagnosis, and raising social awareness about the need to provide professional medical services. Based on the knowledge and experience in the field of medicine, the operations are focused on educating, supporting local communities, and developing programs which directly or indirectly contribute to improving the health and public awareness.

The target audience of our campaigns

Our programmes and campaigns are addressed to communities and organisations that need support and care. We believe in the power of prevention, which can help us to avoid the consequences of bad habits.

Each day we make choices that directly or indirectly affect us and our loved ones. Poor diet, stress, long hours spent at desk, cigarettes, alcohol, short sleep, and many other factors consistently worsen our health condition.

We have established the Foundation to fulfil a social mission and make the reality better, and above all to convince the kids, young people, and adults that by making the right choices every day they have a real impact on their physical and mental condition. We want to fulfil the mission by operating in the following areas:


Through programs which, on the one hand, will broaden the knowledge about the need for a healthy lifestyle and help to provide equipment to educational institutions in medical equipment on the other. We want to protect children and young people from the effects of bad habits – we do not want the awareness of healthy living to be just an empty slogan. Our intention is to protect both through learning and fun and to create a safe environment.


All activities are directed to improve the health of all of us. By affirming and convincing that we influence our state of being every day. Each habit has its influence, each decision can have its consequences, that is why one should cultivate (from an early age) habits that are our allies.



Voluntary service

We support local initiatives that are proposed by the employees and associates of the Medicover Group. The Foundation is an organisation that has the resources, knowledge, and experience, but it needs, first and foremost, engaged people who want to help for its actions to have the right impact and be effective. Luckily the Medicover Group does not lack such volunteers.

We would like to say thank you to all those who are not indifferent when it comes to the fate of others. Please support our campaigns and initiatives directly or indirectly. There is still much to be done for the world to become friendly and better – with you on board there is a chance for it to be such.