Medicover Group in Poland

We are an international company offering a full range of medical care. Our services including prepaid contracts and medical insurance are addressed both to companies and individual clients. In Poland we take care of more than 7 000 companies and over 660 000 individual patients.

We have our own wide-profiled Medicover Centers in major cities throughout Poland. We also cooperate with more than 1 000 medical partners in Poland - all of this to provide our customers with fast access to medical care. Medicover Centers offers almost 2 000 doctors from different specialties to serve our patients with medical care.

For more than 20 years we have been gaining experience and offering more and more services. The most spectacular achievement of our fast development was the opening of the 40 mln EUR worth Poland's first private hospital. It is the Medicover Hospital established in 2009 at Warsaw's Wilanow. 

Medicover Group consists of several brands: