Manage your health wherever and whenever you want!

Thanks to the new Medicover app you can easily book doctor appointments, order prescriptions for chronic medications, and receive your test results straight to your phone.

Check out the Medicover app features

Medications and prescriptions

The feature enables ordering prescriptions for chronic medications, and you will be notified via text when you can collect them at a selected centre.

Here you can also find a list of all ordered medications and your order history, which will allow you to check the status of the ordered prescription.

Test results

The feature allows access to test results whenever you need them.Results are published automatically, and after their verification you will receive comments from your doctor.

Ask a doctor

The feature allows you to obtain medical advice wherever you are. You can send a message to the doctor after your visit, or take advantage of the Telephone Medical Advice where you can speak to an internist or paediatrician.

Booking and cancelling appointments

The feature allows you to book an appointment in a selected city and facility, with a chosen doctor and on a chosen date, thanks to the search options.

Book your appointments wherever and whenever you want as the app is always at hand.

If you cannot make it to your appointment, cancel it with a few clicks.


This function allows you to view your referrals issued by a doctor, as well as to make an appointment directly in order to use the referral.

The details of individual referrals, such as the date of a referral or its expiration date will make sure that you do not forget any appointment or any examination or test recommended by your doctor. This function also allows you to check the history of referrals issued at Medicover.