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Medicover OnLine

Medicover OnLine

Medicover OnLine  Now with more features

Medicover OnLine system:

    • First available visit automatic search – when the date and time chosen by the patient for an appointment is already booked, the system will automatically search for the first available visit and display it on the screen.
    • Medical test results printout – patients may export the results of medical tests available online to PDF file and print them out. The medical tests results available from Medicover OnLine system do not constitute valid medical documentation. 
    • Making appointments – patient may make appointments at Medicover Centres all over Poland.
    • Automatic email informing about incoming messages – when the information about medical tests results or changes in the status of the ordered prescription appear in Medicover Online system, patients receive an automatic message on their email accounts.    
    • Checking and cancelling appointments - patient may view the schedule of completed and planned visits or cancel a visit booked in Medicover Centre.
    • Doctors’ schedules – patients may see the schedule for chosen doctors or chosen specialities. My data – patients may update their contact data.
    • Your Health Questionnaire – prepared by Medicover specialists; includes questions concerning i.e. nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress level. After completing the questionnaire,  patients receive an individualised health report and possible recommendations on ways to improve their lifestyle.
    • Medical tests results – Patient may check the results of medical tests conducted at Medicover Centres. The results are available only after they have been examined and described by a doctor (also in the case of regular test results). When test results seem irregular, the doctor tries to contact the Patient in order to determine further medical proceedings.
      The results published on Medicover OnLine should be treated only as additional information, allowing to, e.g. compare the results with the results of previous tests, as well as to read a doctor’s comments on the results. They should not be perceived as the original, or rightful copy of the document. According to Polish law , only a printed copy signed and stamped obtained from a laboratory or diagnostic centre, may be perceived as valid document.
    • Medications and prescriptions. The service is available for customers using all Medicover Centres in Poland. The system shows the medications prescribed by Medicover doctors since 1 February 2005.
    • Correspondence with doctor – patients may ask questions to doctors, related to their visits at Medicover Centre. In order to ask a question, click ‘Question’ on the list of past visits. The question should regard medical issues. When the questions have been asked,  the information about the earliest possible time of doctor’s answer will appear on the screen. When the doctor is not available, before the question is posed, the system will inform you about doctor’s absence and suggest to contact Customer Centre. The correspondence may be viewed in Messages section.

It is possible to ask a question to your doctor within 6 months from the date the visit was completed.

  • Diary – a doctor may set up a diary for patients where they make notes of their self-performed measurements – e.g. blood pressure, if the patient undergoes hypertension treatment or blood glucose level, if the patient suffers from diabetes. Medicover doctor will be able to see the information in the patient’s disease history available in electronic form.
  • Electronic notes – created by Medicover doctor. Notes remind our patients about the most important actions planned for them by the doctor – such as e.g. necessary diagnostic tests or check-up visit. Notes change their colour as the important date approaches. 
  • Scope of medical care – patient may check the scope of their Medicover medical care.  


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